Intentional Growth to Keep Culture Healthy with Karen Herold - Studio K
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Intentional Growth to Keep Culture Healthy with Karen Herold - Studio K

E93 • May 21, 2024 • 61 mins

In this episode, Karen Herold, founder of Studio K, discusses her journey in the AEC industry, the growth strategy of her company, and the importance of diverse mindsets in a team. She delves into hiring practices, finding a niche in design, the role of intuition, and the potential of AI in design.

Key Points

  • Karen Herold emphasizes the importance of creating authentic design experiences in hospitality that can change how people feel, rather than merely copying existing designs.
  • She advocates for a balanced team in design work, where highly creative individuals focus on conceptual design and more pragmatic individuals manage the execution and details.
  • Karen utilizes AI as a tool to generate fresh visual content based on descriptive prompts, helping to align client expectations and foster unique design concepts.

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