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Building Scale
We interview successful Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) business leaders to learn how they use people, processes, and technology to scale their businesses.
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From Part-Time to President: A Real-Life American Dream with Andrea Piering - Sun State Builders

May 10, 2024 • 32 mins

In this episode, Andrea Piering, President of Sun State Builders, shares her career journey, insights on fostering a distinctive company culture, and advice for future AEC leaders. She discusses the importance of technology in construction, strategies for business growth, and creating a customer-centric culture. The episode concludes with reflections on scaling a business.

Key Points

  • Andrea Piering's journey from part-time work to President of Sun State Builders illustrates the importance of internal growth and understanding individual communication styles to effectively lead a diverse team.
  • Sun State Builders' commitment to customer service and quality, along with their ability to innovate with technology like AI and 3D printing, has been crucial for building long-term relationships and securing repeat business.
  • Keymakers is highlighted as a valuable network for connecting like-minded industry leaders, providing opportunities for collaboration and shared insights that contribute to business growth and development.

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