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Building Scale
We interview successful Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) business leaders to learn how they use people, processes, and technology to scale their businesses.
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Fostering Intentional Culture and Growth with DJ Moore - Siltworm, Inc.

E76 • Jan 23, 2024 • 62 mins

In this episode, DJ Moore, CEO and co-owner of Siltworm, Inc., discusses the company's growth, challenges, and the importance of intentional culture. He also talks about implementing the EOS system, adopting a response-based approach in leadership, and balancing personal life with business growth. The episode concludes with insights into their new product, BioWorm™, and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Key Points

  • Successful AEC businesses can scale effectively by focusing on people, processes, and technology, with a strong emphasis on building a resilient and adaptable company culture.
  • DJ Moore's approach to leadership involves empowering his team, creating a space for growth and opportunity, and ensuring that his decisions are guided by a clear purpose that aligns with his company's core values.
  • Preparation for growth involves strategic planning, investing in systems and people, and being ready to adapt to economic changes while ensuring that the company remains true to its mission of providing sustainable solutions in the construction industry.

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