Successful M&A:  A Strategy Leading To Rapid Growth with Joe Furey - Michael Graves
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Successful M&A: A Strategy Leading To Rapid Growth with Joe Furey - Michael Graves

E84 • Mar 19, 2024 • 60 mins

In this episode, we welcome back Joe Furey, President of Michael Graves Architecture & Design. We discuss his journey in the AEC sector, the growth of Michael Graves, and their future plans. We delve into acquisition processes, learning from past experiences, and the strategy of partnering with architecture firms. We also talk about integrating new departments and personnel, and reflect on lessons from their first acquisition.

Key Points

  • Successful AEC company scaling relies heavily on acquiring firms with strong design capabilities and a shared enthusiasm for collaboration under the Michael Graves brand.
  • Mergers and acquisitions in the AEC sector necessitate a balance of fair financial structuring and a focus on maintaining the integrity of the companies involved, ensuring no loss of jobs and leveraging existing talent.
  • The integration process after acquisitions emphasizes a methodical approach, with detailed plans for unifying IT, accounting, and other systems to maintain efficiency and growth without disrupting the core focus on top-line revenue and project delivery.

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