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Safety in Construction & the Impact of Private Equity Partnership with Matt Aston - GPRS

E89 • Apr 23, 2024 • 47 mins

In this episode, Matt Aston, founder of GPRS, shares his strategies for geographic expansion and raising awareness of GPRS services. He discusses the impact of partnering with a private equity firm, the importance of safety in construction, and implementation of the SIM process. Aston also talks about GPRS's hiring philosophy, the introduction of a subscription model, and offers advice to his younger self.

Key Points

  • Matt Aston founded GPRS in 2001 with the vision of using ground penetrating radar to prevent costly and dangerous incidents during construction by locating underground utilities and embedded objects in concrete.
  • GPRS's growth strategy involved creating awareness, building trust through quality service, and expanding aggressively by hiring people with character and training them in skill, leading to a presence in major cities and an innovative approach to subsurface mapping with their software, SiteMap.
  • Partnering with private equity firms allowed GPRS to accelerate growth through strategic acquisitions, expanding service lines, and offering employees ownership opportunities, contributing to a revenue forecast of $175 million for 2024.
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