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Navigating the Evolution of the Construction Industry with Robert Haggard - Fleming West

E75 • Jan 16, 2024 • 42 mins

In this episode, Robert Haggard, a seasoned construction industry leader, shares his journey and insights on company culture, hiring practices, and reputation management. The discussion also delves into dealing with construction challenges, the importance of community involvement and networking, and the evolution of construction processes. The conversation concludes with thoughts on the role of technology in construction and advice for the younger generation in the AEC industry.

Key Points

  • Robert Haggart emphasizes the importance of cultivating genuine relationships and trust with clients to ensure project success and long-term partnerships in the AEC industry.
  • Adapting to change, particularly the integration of technology into construction processes, is crucial for efficiency and staying competitive, as evidenced by the shift from paper-based methods to software and apps.
  • Despite advancements in technology, the human element remains vital, with a focus on hiring trainable individuals and nurturing a company culture that values community involvement and the perspective that every Monday is an opportunity for growth and progress.

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