Build or Die: A Commitment to Impactful Designs with Sheri Andrews - Valerio Dewalt Train
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Build or Die: A Commitment to Impactful Designs with Sheri Andrews - Valerio Dewalt Train

E94 • May 28, 2024 • 52 mins

In this episode, Sheri Andrews shares her journey into architecture, emphasizing research-based design. She discusses building a diverse team, personal growth, and networking. Sheri provides insights on winning big projects, master planning, working with historic buildings, and the role of technology in modern architecture.

Key Points

  • Research-based design is essential for understanding the unique needs of each client and project, focusing on the human experience within architectural space and the importance of asking the right questions to drive purpose and intention in the projects.
  • Master planning is a critical phase that involves extensive data and stakeholder engagement to prioritize and forecast the needs of a project, ensuring that operational aspects are integrated from the start for a successful outcome.
  • Embracing new technologies like virtual reality is crucial for architects, as it enhances communication with clients, allowing them to experience and interact with the design, leading to better-informed decisions and refinements throughout the project lifecycle.

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