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Creating True Impact is a Lifetime of Work with Gilles Épie, Mark Candelaria, and Lee Benson

Mar 1, 2024 • 43 mins

In this episode, guests Gilles Épie, Mark Candelaria, and Lee Benson discuss value creation and community in business. They delve into culture implementation, employee inspiration, and the significance of mentorship. The conversation also covers mindset evolution, overcoming victim mentality, and the maxim "Do less better".

Key Points

  • Successful individuals the importance of continuous learning and dedication to their craft, as exemplified by Gilles Épie's journey to becoming a Michelin Star chef and his ongoing pursuit of perfection in the kitchen.
  • Building a positive company culture that connects to value creation and intentionally fosters community can significantly impact employees' lives, influencing not only their work performance but also their personal growth and family dynamics.
  • Mentorship is a crucial element for leadership development and personal growth, with the concept of 'do less, better' and overcoming victim mentality highlighted as strategies for achieving success and fostering a mindset of resilience and value creation.

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