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Investing in Technology to Scale Your Construction Company with Peter Morandi - Eastman Cooke Construction

E86 • Apr 2, 2024 • 64 mins

In this episode, Peter Morandi, CEO of Eastman Cook & Associates, discusses the intersection of construction and technology, the role of AI in site safety, and how tech impacts company culture. He also shares insights on pre-job planning, project management, and addressing the labor crisis in construction.

Key Points

  • Eastman Cooke leverages technology, particularly AI and sensors, to enhance job site safety and efficiency by monitoring various factors like sound, light, airborne contaminants, and triggering appropriate responses such as alarms or cameras.
  • Peter Morandi emphasizes the importance of starting projects with thorough pre-job planning and continuous check-ins to ensure they are on track, which helps improve efficiency and client satisfaction by addressing issues early on.
  • Eastman Cooke utilizes Remote Assistants (RAs) to handle administrative tasks, freeing up project managers and other staff to focus on their core competencies, and providing daily reports on tasks completed and pending, leading to improved productivity and project management.

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