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Building Scale
We interview successful Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) business leaders to learn how they use people, processes, and technology to scale their businesses.
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Building Brand, CRM Implementation, and Leveraging Visual Content with Jeff Dickson - Harling Masonry Restoration

E87 • Apr 9, 2024 • 61 mins

In this episode, guest Jeff Dickson, VP of Marketing at Harling Masonry Restoration, shares his journey into construction and building Harling's brand. Topics include challenges of implementing a new CRM system, impactful technologies in the industry, understanding target clientele pain points, and utilizing visual content for marketing. The importance of quality opportunities for business growth and IT cybersecurity strategies are also discussed.

Key Points

  • Successful AEC businesses need to adapt to change and embrace technology to enhance processes, improve quality, and increase opportunities.
  • Property managers value vendors that understand their challenges, communicate effectively, and provide detailed, quality service that eases their workload.
  • Marketing strategies that resonate with clients and adapt to their needs can lead to significant increases in both the quality and quantity of business opportunities.

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